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We know that Hollywood is concerned about money first, last, and all the way through. And a good portion of the industry makes a show of caring for the environment, especially when that involves recycling movies or treating franchises as renewable resources. This can be a mixed blessing or an exercise in brilliance, but mostly, it’s just a case of people who are too short-sighted to see something new.

But today (19 November 2013), I find that Tinseltown has discovered the true meaning of Christmas:


At least, what it thinks is the true meaning, though the reality is more like a mold that won’t go away. It’s a Wonderful Life 2 will be coming to theaters near you soon. Or perhaps that’ll be direct to DVD. Or to a can of schmaltz.

This leads me to wonder, though. With all the writers in this country, can’t Hollywood take a chance–now and then, mind you–on a new story?

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