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Fans of Douglas Adams will remember his character, Dirk Gently, a private detective who believes in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things and thereby justifies a vacation to a tropical beach as necessary to find a lost pet. This notion comes from a variety of sources. Here in the Western world, Carl Jung’s idea of synchronicity comes to mind.

I point this out because of just such a moment happening to me today (24 April 2013). This afternoon, I’ll discuss the play, Antigone with my Composition II students. The title character wants to bury her dead brother, but because he died attacking his home city, Creon, the king, refuses to allow her to do this. The themes are family loyalty, duty to the state, duty to ritual, and stubbornness despite warnings from the gods.

While reviewing my notes, a tweet came up in my Twitter feed, informing me that a mosque in Boston is refusing religious burial for Suspect #1in the marathon bombings. You can read the story here.

What conclusion are we to draw from this? Vengence is justified, even to the point of killing the attacker when that is the only way to stop the attack. But once a man is dead, it is vindictiveness alone that carries on punishing him. Shakespeare had Mark Antony tell us that “the evil that men do lives after them,” but surely we who live on are in part to blame for continuing that evil.

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