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Wikipedia’s problems are well known. It can be edited by anyone with an account, and the articles aren’t written by people who are expected to be qualified in the subject at hand. The name is also misspelled. (Wikipædia) I don’t let students use it as a source, but that’s not mere prejudice. No encyclopædia is an acceptable source. The word, encyclopædia, means “general education.” Academic papers require primary or secondary sources, not something that is only general knowledge. But I do read articles there when I want a quick overview of something. As a crutch for a memory that has a lot on its mind, Wikipedia can be helpful.

There is one other use, one that’s relevant to authors. The pictures on Wikipedia are in the public domain. If you’re looking for something to add to a blog article or a book cover, look for a picture on the often maligned, but open-to-anyone site.

With that in mind, here’s an ilustration:


It’s a nudibranch, a creature whose existence I came across on Twitter (@GregCampNC) today. Cue Bart Simpson to show the humor in the wee beastie’s name…

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